Henderson – Lied Field at Morse Stadium

  • Year Opened: 2000
  • Photos Taken: 2011
  • Home Team: College of Southern Nevada (Scenic West Athletic Conference)
  • Comments: After hearing that Morse Stadium on the campus of the College of Southern Nevada in Henderson was going to be the new home for the Henderson Roadrunners from the start-up indy pro North American League, I figured I better check it out.  When I arrived, the park was locked up tight, with a security guard lurking nearby, so there was no jumping the fence for me this time around.  That said, I got a pretty good feel for the ballpark from the outside.  While the nicely designed red rock stone facility is perfect for the national champion CSN Coyotes (the team won the NJCAA World Series in 2003), Morse Stadium has no business hosting professional baseball without major upgrades to increase capacity and enhance amenities.